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This sermon is based on five of the “One Another” verses we find in our New Testaments. Some serious thoughts for us all to consider, prayerfully.

This lesson, a continuation of a lesson began last week, looks at three more of the “One Another” verses found in the New Testament. I apologize for a couple of small glitches towards the end of the video.


This lesson is the first part of a series of lessons dealing with things that matter.

Things That Matter, pt. 2

Things That Matter., pt. 3

The following are three excellent lessons presented for us by brother Brian Sullivan (Evangelist with the Bancroft Church of Christ), dealing with our lives as Christians.

What Is a Christian (Acts 11:26)

Who is a Christian? (Acts 26:28)

What Makes a Christian Different? (1 Peter 4:16)

Is Your Faith Your Faith

When Should a Person Become a Christian

The Love of God (Part 1)

The Love of God (Part 2)

The Love of God (Part 3)