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The links provided below are excellent resources for continued Bible study, but as they contain the thoughts of men, the words of the Apostle Paul need to be heeded as your use the available material,

“These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.” (Acts 17:11 NKJV).

Executable Outlines – My very dear friend, Mark Copeland, has put together over the years a site that has over 1,700 sermon outlines, Bible sudies, PowerPoint files and gospel tracts. New material is added regularly. This is truly a treasure trove of excellent material, put together by a well studied and careful student of God’s word.

Embry Hills Church of Christ – The Embry Hills congregation, In Atlanta, Georgia, has put together a dynamic site with many audio lessons available of their weekly sermons, and as well, Gospel Meeting archives. There is also a good deal of adult Bible study available for download.

Simply Bible – Brother Ron Graham who labours with the Bundaberg Church of Christ, In Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia, has put together a great website. in his own words, “At your fingertips you have 1343 study pages, and 69 pages of information.” Well worth investigating!

Focus Magazine – Excellent articles by some good and godly men. Many of the articles have accompanying audio recordings, read by the articles authors. Updated monthly and well worth investigating! Here is a sample article, and the accompanying audio track, by my good friend and brother, Shane Scott, http://focusmagazine.org/living-in-harmony-with-each-other.php.

Plain Talk Magazine“Plain Talk was developed and overseen by Robert F. Turner, while he worked at the Oaks-West congregation in Burnet, Texas. Over the years, other men such as Dan S. Shipley, Joe Fitch, and Jim R. Everett served as contributing writers. During its 20 years of operation, Plain Talk served as a profound influence on the thinking and actions of many Christians, exercising a straightforward country wit that was uniquely Robert Turner. Plain Talk was a This little paper was begun in 1964, in an effort to promote better attitudes among brethren, while offering all readers sound, practical Bible teaching.” These are excellent, bible-based articles, and your time will be well spent, as you pour over each issue.

Expository Files – Expository Files was was a monthly electronic journal, edited by Warren E. Berkley & Jon W. Quinn, dedicated to the faithful exposition of Scripture. It ran for 20 years, from 1994-2014, and through those years provided its many readers with an abundance of excellent articles. Thankfully, an archive of every issue has been made available.

Searching the Scriptures Magazine – Searching the Scriptures magazine was published from 1960-1992, and thankfully, brother Donnie Rader has made each issue available. Years of excellent material, by many faithful brethren, is only a few clicks away!